Sagar World Multimedia (SWM) founded by the heirs of the Late Dr. (lit.) Ramanand Sagar i.e. Mr. Prem Sagar (Son) and Mr. Shiv Sagar (Grandson) draws inspiration from the mother brand name of "Sagar", which has been synonymous with Mythological, Fantasy and Historic television programming in India having started and dominated the genres for more than a 30-year period. Sagar World “Multimedia” as the name suggests has business interests in all the multiple formats of “media”, including new age and older media formats, always having our heart at the center, as the technology of the media landscape evolves. The essence is "Fun with Knowledge" i.e. how to entertain the audiences at the same time leaving them with some positive impact that will evolve their being.
We believe in the power of positive entertainment, especially now when media has been exploiting the dark side of human psychology, instead of becoming a beacon of light and hope for the future.
Our interests include long and short media formats for various theatrical, digital and OTT platforms. SWM is working on some themed entertainment centers with various partners around the world which include themed rides, F&B outlets and Merchandizing opportunities. “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” or the world is one family; will soon be a reality without caste, creed and color. SWM wishes to ride that wave, taking the cultural legacy of India to the world family, as there will be a great demand for this in the future.
Our online presence also reflects our theme of "Fun with Knowledge" where we have a huge blog of various subjects, written by multiple authors on Indian culture, history, stories, legends, festivals, rituals, esoteric practices and customs.
The blogs are linked with relevant Youtube series especially a two part on Vedic Numerology by Rudi Kuhn, and a Sacred Geometry – DIY series by the Dutch Artist Pieter Weltevrede and a "Secrets of Saturn" by Dr. Vibhashree from Aurangabad Shani Ashram. We are also in the process of developing an e-commerce website that takes care of all your lifestyle needs as you keep evolving on your spiritual journey. A demand for a more content, wholesome and sustainable lifestyle in the future will need products that can match those needs. Our in-house product designers bring to you some unique, customized, time-tested products for the young and the old, which bring about inner transformation, increased knowledge base and entertainment.


"Sagar" has no equivalent word in the English language. The depth of the word "Sagar" cannot be captured in its entirety even by the vastest of oceans the earth has to offer. This is a common problem while translating the ancient Vedic culture of India into, The English language, the “newest kid on the block”. In the language spoken by the gods, Sanskrit, the mother of all world languages, words can be broken down into deeper meanings, thus giving much deeper meaning to each word. For example - Sa- with, Gara - poison; Sagar - "the one with poison". In the legends and lore ("mythology" the commonly used word to describe ancient Indian epics is incorrect and a colonial legacy, and should be avoided in usage, the right word is “Ithihas”) of this great nation, Bharat, “Sagar” could mean many things only one of them is a large water body or ocean.
Whether it is the great Sooryavanshi (Coming from the lineage of the “Sun”, the other being the “Chandravanshi or “Moon lineage”) King Sagar, who was born despite his relatives giving him poison; whose 60,000 sons were burnt alive by Kapila Rishi at the present day Ganga Sagar, West Bengal. When the many sons dug the earth to find their special horse from their “Ashwamedh Yagya” (a special fire-sacrifice ceremony involving a horse) they enlarged the space for the Sagar, and made their way to Patal Lok (netherworld).
Then the famous "Sagar Manthan" or the great churning of the Cosmic Ocean from which emerged the 14 “Ratnas” or jewels including “Dhanwantri – the god of Ayurveda”, “Lakshmi – the goddess of wealth” who was later married to Vishnu, the energy (god) in-charge of preservation of the universe. The difficult task of the “Manthan” or churning was only possible to do when the forces of good and evil combined. The devas used “reverse psychology” to trick the asurs in taking the mouth side of great snake Vasuki, who agreed to become the rope to hold the great Mount Mandar, while they took the side of the tail fearing the worst outcome.
They were right because emerged the deadliest poison the world had ever seen The “Halahal”, which the fearless Lord Shiva drank with a smile, hence adding an additional title to his many honorary titles, “Neelkanth” or "the blue-throated one". The element of Water, one of the five elements or “Maha-Bhutas”, constitutes most of the earth as we know it. The human body also is made up of 80% water.
This element has its own unique characteristics which denote flow, creativity, taste (rasa), cohesion, fluidity and sexuality. Other than being a universal solvent, and a great cleaning material it has some miraculous powers of healing and also denotes abundance. “Womankind” has not even reached the toenail of the depths of the oceans. Science is now discovering the “Sagar” as the newest frontier on earth in terms of biological wealth, rare minerals and natural resources. The mind is also symbolized as the Sagar, with its endless thoughts that arise like innumerable waves of a great endless Ocean. We have to cross this “Bhav-Sagar” (Mind) to reach the ultimate goal of human existence, salvation.
This privilege is only given to humans, and even the Devas don’t have access to this path of nirvana. The Sagar reaches the shores of all races, cultures and peoples across the world. It is not biased against any of them, and gives each culture the benefits of being near it. So our attempt is to tell stories are universal in values and “fun with knowledge” by their nature. During the churning of the Cosmic Sagar, both dark and light forces had to combine to mine the wealth of the ocean. The Sagar doesn’t judge a murderer or saint alike as they both get a momentary rest as they hear the soothing waves lash on the sea-shore and smell its healing salty waters wondering what lies beyond the horizon. The dark is as much important as the light, giving a relativity or reference to context. We can only cherish the positive when we have gone through the negative. So view the negative not with disdain but as a guru.
No wonder the stories from Vedic times, associated Sagar with a medicinal trove, adventures and even poison. Only the strong can hold the poisons of the world in its bosom and keep humanity from its ill-effects, such is the benevolence of the Sagar. Welcome to the World of Sagar, where we tell you engaging stories that heal you! We take you into the vast world of ancient Vedic culture in our attempt to tell modern, entertaining stories that are deep-rooted in an ancient value system of non-violence and peace to speed up human ascension towards our divine purpose on planet earth. The time is now!


At a time when sons of successful and esteemed film makers were dreaming of or planning careers in the glamorous field of acting, Ramanand Sagar’s handsome son Prem Sagar joined the Film and Television Institute of India (FTII) in Pune soon after completing his education at St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai and emerged from the FTII with a gold medal for the best academic student of the year and a silver medal for the best photographed student film. Unlike most other aspirants from the Institute, Prem Sagar did not have to wait for employment as his family’s production house, Sagar Arts, one of the most respected and successful production houses in the Hindi film industry, was ready to absorb him immediately. His eminent father, Dr. Ramanand Sagar, entrusted him with the cinematography of Lalkar a romantic film set against a war backdrop which was then going on the floors under the Sagar Arts banner.
The Dharmendra - Mala Sinha - Rajindra Kumar starrer, "Lalkar", went on to win several awards, including prestigious recognitions for its cinematography, marking the debut of a sensitive and imaginative cameraman.
Sagar World Sagar World
"Lalkar" was the beginning of Prem Sagar's distinguished career as a lensman who made the actors look more gorgeous than they always did and the outdoor locations appear out of this world. His vision so complemented the romantic vision of Ramanand Sagar that it was a visual treat for cinema lovers when Sagar Arts movies hit the screen. Prem Sagar was associated as a cinematographer or technical adviser with the ever popular and memorable films of Sagar Arts, including Ankhen, Charas, Bhagawat, Hamrahi, Pyara Dushman, Armaan, Jalte Badan, Badal, Prem Bandhan and Salma. As a DOP of "CHARAS" most critics till today praise how the dream girl Hema Malini had been glamorized like never before. He won several recognitions and critical acclaim for his contribution as the cinematographer of Humrahi starring the youth icons of the time, Randhir Kapoor and Tanuja.He took the next step which was expected and became a director with Hum Tere Ashiq Hain starring Jeetendra and  Hema Malini, which got ecstatic reviews for the subject inspired by Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion and its visual charm.
Prem Sagar has to his credit a total of 15 awards as Director of Photography and many accomplishments in the field of still photography. The honours include the prestigious fellowship of the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain and the Artiste Federation Internationale de L'Arts Photographique Paris. Two more bright feathers were added to his cap when he won Silver and two Bronze medals at Oregon State Fair and at the celebrated International Photo Competition at Santiago, Chile, South America, respectively. He also won a prestigious UNESCO award at Tokyo, for his skill and visualization.
In the year (2009) he was awarded the Lifetime Achievement honour by Indian Television Academy and next year the 2010 Telly Chakkar Life Time Achievement award. He also figures in the Indian Television Academy’s compilation of 100 TV personalities who created history in the broadcast medium. He has served on the Governing Council of FTII, on the examining panel of the UPSC, the selection panel of the Western India Cinematographer’s Association, the jury of Apsara, Screen and Filmfare awards.
In 2018 Prem Sagar was awarded a fellowship by the India International Photographic Council, the only non-profit organisation in India that encourages serious study of photography and has the membership of legendary professionals of the art of photography.
In the eighties with the advent of Television in the country, Prem Sagar took up the challenge of exploring the new medium and its mass viewership potential. Prem Sagar produced and directed Indian Television’s first fantasy soap, VIKRAM BETAAL. The serial telecast on Doordarshan in a non-prime slot became a blockbuster and set the pace for the Sagar banner's full-fledged entry into television with the epoch-making Ramayan in 1987. Prem Sagar after initial research, set-up, Videography, special effects took complete charge of Marketing the free commercial time in the telecast hour of Ramayan which was a non-prime hour on Sunday at 9am. Along with the history created by the huge success of Ramayan on Doordarshan, a lesson for marketing students also came to the fore. A passionate cameraman had changed tracks and set a record in software marketing with nothing but a will to achieve the impossible. Doordarshan got its first feel of moolah pouring into its coffers when Ramayan, followed by SHRI KRISHNA, took the revenue generation of the channel to a phenomenal 130 crores only as telecast fees.Prem Sagar’s farsighted vision enabled the marketing of Ramayan in 55 countries making it the world's most viewed television serial. His successful experiments with merchandising of VIKRAM BELTAAL, the fantasy, set the trend of merchandising and franchising.
Prem Sagar also has to his credit the launch of the family's successful productions on VCD, DVD formats and achieving skyrocketing sales with innovative marketing including Photoshop designing. He produced Ramayan, Shri Krishna, Hatim, Sai Baba, Jai Ganga Maiya, Prithviraj Chauhan, Chandragupta Maurya and directed Jai Maa Durga, Mahima Shani Dev Ki, Jai Jai Jai Bajrang Bali and Basera for various television channels.
Sagar World Sagar World Sagar World Sagar World Sagar World Sagar World Sagar World Sagar World
In TV serial “Sai Baba '' as a producer and creative he left no stones unturned – creating history of locations like “Dwarka Maai” with bhakti and credibility – with “Sai Baba” becoming a hit on Star Plus. The influx of pilgrims increased multifold and Sai Baba temple in Shirdi became a household name all over India and abroad.
Sagar World Sagar World
In 2010 Prem Sagar helmed the run of Sagar Arts phenomenally successful mythological serial Mahima Shani Dev Ki as its Creative Head. The serial ran for 3 years on Imagine TV.
Sagar World Sagar World
Another feather in his cap was added with the huge popularity of the serial Jai Jai Jai Bajrang Bali on Sahara TV. The serial had 700 episodes run on the channel.
Sagar World Sagar World
Having grown up in an environment of literature and fine arts, having followed his deeply religious parents in their quest for spiritual knowledge and wisdom, Shri Prem Sagar naturally acquired a fondness for reading and assimilating spiritual and devotional literature. His involvement with Dr. Sagar in the making of the serials gave him exposure to the cultural and spiritual traditions and customs practiced by Hindus since time immemorial.
Sagar World Sagar World
Citations & Awards of Prem Sagar:
  • T. V. serials - Vikram Betaal • Ramayan • Shri Krishna • Alif Laila • Ganga • Mahalaxmi • Sai Baba • Durga • Bajrang Bali • Shani
  • Over 20 awards all India for TV serials
  • Indian Television Academy’s-100 TV Personalities who created history in the broadcast medium
  • Life Time Achievement award-Indian Television Academy
  • LifeTime Achievement award-TellyChakkar
  • LifeTime Achievement award-Indian Flim Festival - Kuala Lumpur - Measat
  • Gold & Silver medal - Motion Picture photography Film & Television Institute of India M.P.P - FTII - (Poona)
  • Over 15 awards all India for best cinematography –
  • Films - Lalkar • Charas •Hamrahi •Jalte Badan
  • ARPS - U.K. - Associate - Royal Photographic Society
  • AFIAP - Paris - Associate - Federation de l’art Photographic
  • FELLOW – India International Photographic Council – New Delhi - India
  • Silver Medal - Oregon State (USA)
  • Bronze Medals - Chile
  • UNESCO Awards - Tokyo


Shiv, though born in a film-family, was never interested to have a career in the media though he had a great interest in reading and the occult from an early age. So following his dream, he pursued a Bachelors of Science Degree in Hospitality Management from the esteemed Swiss school, “Les Roches” meaning “The Rocks” situated in the South-Western French speaking part of Switzerland in Canton Valais, in a sleepy Swiss village called Bluche (nearby to the famous ski-resort Crans-Montana). After learning how to do geridon service and brushing up his French culinary skills, Shiv returned to India to his family to take up the running of a family owned 50-room hotel, named Sagar Resort in Manali, Himachal Pradesh.
Sagar World Sagar World
The swiss training and discipline helped him, and he managed to turn the property around from red to black. He then went on to pursue a Masters degree in business administration from the prestigious Indian School of Business (ISB) in Hyderabad (collaboration of Kellogg, Wharton Business and the London School of Business) graduating in 2004.
Sagar World Sagar World Sagar World Sagar World
Post ISB, Shiv attempted and failed to set up a theme park in Haridwar based on the epics, Ramayan and Mahabharata on a family land on the banks of the River Ganga for which he raised $ 1million from NRI’s (non-resident Indians) including Alice Coltrane, the wife of the famous Jazz musician John Coltrane. In 2008, there was an television show being made by Sagar Arts, on the Vedic god, Saturn (Shani), who is the planet of Justice in the Hindu Astrology system. His father, Mr. Prem Sagar had written the script in 1992 during his Shani Mahadasha period but the script had failed to see the light. Shiv was 31 years old then, was looking for something interesting to do. He joined the team along with his father, as a Creative Producer on the project.
Sagar World Sagar World Sagar World
The show was being made for Turner Corporation’s GEC channel in India, NDTV Imagine. Shiv took to story telling and production like a duck to water. Maybe it was always in his genes and all he had to do was tap into this hidden talent of his. The show became an overnight success and topped the charts of the channel’s top shows and ran successfully for a period of 4 years. The number of Saturn temples went up by 400% in the entire country due to the impact of the show, that for the first time showed Shani in a positive light as planet of justice and punishment, versus a harsh planet that everyone was afraid of.
Sagar World Sagar World
Post that Shiv did many a successful shows such as the famous, “Jai Jai Jai Bajrang Bali” on Sahara One channel that ran successfully as the Number 1 show on the channel for more than 800 episodes, and brought the GRP (cumulative ratings) of the channel up by 300%. He also creatively produced, “Kahani Vikram aur Vetaal ki” and “Jai Jag Janani Maa Durga” for Colors GEC channel. Shiv started to develop his flair for writing entertaining and hit content and learned the craft from other creative team members, his father and writers and research scholars. He developed his knowledge of the “Ithihas” and legends from India.
Further to pursuing his creative skills, Shiv did a short course in Film Direction from NYFA (New York Film Academy) and made a short film titled, “The End” which was a satirical take on the struggle of the Native American history and its portrayal in America. The short won the best short film in New Zealand Short Film Festival (2012) and The prestigious “Dada Saheb Falke Award” (2012).
He then returned to India and made his debut 3-D movie called “Aarasuri Maa Ambe” for the Gujarat Government based on the legends behind the Amba ji temple in Gujarat. The film was shot over a month with a 3-d Camera rig using two cameras in the Sagar studios in Gujarat as well as the Amba ji temple. Super Star, Shri Amitabh Bachchan was very kind to lend his voice to the film due to his devotion towards this particular shrine of the goddess.
Sagar World Sagar World Sagar World Sagar World
Meanwhile, the mother company, Sagar Arts was dissolved, and Shiv founded a production company called Eastern Motion Pictures under which he produced a show for BIG Reliance Entertainment called “Narayan Narayan” a light hearted take on the cosmic communicator and sage, Narad Muni, who has always been loved for his wit and wisdom alike. The show was well received but faced issues with mixing the religious text and comedy into a deadly cocktail. Finally, Sagar World was set up by Shiv and Prem.
Sagar World Sagar World Sagar World Sagar World
Shiv, recently wrote the screenplay for the “Jai Mata Vaishno Devi Ki” an 11 part web series based on the legends and folk tales of the goddess, Vaishno Devi, whose shrine in Katra, Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir, is a major pilgrimage center. He was also the creative director and producer for the series, the principal photography for which was finished in August 2021. Shot over 50 days in multiple locations in India, the series if the first attempt this genre on the OTT in India. Currently Shiv is working on a host of media projects including a film to be shot in Jammu and Kashmir State, multiple web series, a 3-d animation webseries and some themed entertainment centers.Shiv is also the founder of Tooth Mountain Farms in Karjat, an agro-tourism based Farm Stay with 7 rooms and a farm-to-table restaurant that he manages. Having a Gemini rising in his birth chart, he plays the dual role of a true mercurial Gemini of flitting between the media and hospitality sectors, sometimes even combining them together.
Sagar World Sagar World

An Epic Life

Ramanand sagar - An Epic Life Barsaat to Ramayan; The recently released biography of Late Dr. Ramanand Sagar by Westland publications, a branch of Amazon India is written by his son, Mr. Prem Sagar titled, An Epic Life Ramanand Sagar, From Barasaat to Ramayan. The poignant book contains the personal memoirs written by a devoted son for his loving and ideal father. It details the life of Ramanand Sagar (birth name Chandramouli) from his birth in a small place called Asal-Guruke near Lahore in Undivided India in the year 1917 to his journey as a human being and a writer as he was destined to make the Ramayana series at the ripe age of 70 years for which he achieved worldwide fame and recognition. It also traces back his ancestry to the early 17th century to a wealthy Punjabi Khastriya Chopra family from Peshawar (current day Pakistan) who migrated to the valleys of Kashmir and then to Mumbai to join the film industry. The book is about the legendary man who once worked as clerk and soap vendor, journeying to Bombay and writing his first film Barsaat which was a massive hit and several other silver jubilee hits like Ghunghat, Zindagi, Arzoo, Ankhen, Geet, Lalkar to making history with the creation of television History’s legendary RAMAYAN which as per BBC figures, had been viewed by over 650 million people worldwide of which, 40 million viewers regularly watched it on its first telecast.
Sagar World
Sagar World Sagar World Sagar World Sagar World Sagar World
The book was written after over 20 years of research and development. Mr. Prem Sagar had collected voice notes of conversations with his father when he was alive and also collected many rare and old photographs of the family, which became the base for the book. His Son, Shiv Sagar, did the research for the book. He interviewed over a 100 people including relatives, co-workers and friends who were still alive and had memories of “Papaji” to painstakingly put together this master piece.The unabridged Hindi version of the book which is the translation to Hindi was published by the publisher Prabhat Prakashan. It is titled as “Ramanand Sagar Ke Jeevan Ki Akath Kahani”. It contains many more photographs and more detailed biographical stories about the legend.
Sagar World Sagar World Sagar World Sagar World Sagar World
The Kapil Sharma Show celebrated 102 Years of Legendary Filmmaker Ramanand Sagar Prem Sagar presented An Epic Life: Ramanand Sagar, From Barsaat to Ramayan to Kapil Sharma. Capturing the magical moments and the legendary life of Ramanand Sagar, who first made his mark as a writer in Raj Kapoor’s Barsaat (1949), the award winning cinematographer and his son Prem Sagar unveiled a memoire of his father, ‘An Epic Life: Ramanand Sagar, From Barsaat to Ramayan’ published by Westland Publications (an Amazon Company), on one-of-the most loved shows of today, ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’. Presenting a copy of the book to the celebrated actor Kapil Sharma, Prem Sagar shared that how on 25 January 1987, with the telecast of the very first episode of Ramayan, Indian television changed for all time to come. In a matter of weeks, the series became a national obsession and more than three decades later, there has been nothing to match it.
Sagar World Sagar World
From a clapper boy in the silent movie "Raiders of the Rail Road" in 1936, Dr. Ramanand Sagar rose to be a successful film maker, writer, director & producer, a powerful force to be reckoned with in the industry. He not only mastered the art of cinema, but also entertained the masses in the long run. The book reveals the sensitive truths-political, personal or miracles of Ramanand Sagar’s life journey and his divine mission of making the legendary TV serial Ramayan.
Sagar World
Sagar World
The episode was very widely seen by the audiences with a sense of nostalgia entailed with humor, buoyed by the captivating storytelling of Arun Govil, Deepika Topiwala, Sunil Lahiri and Prem Sagar as they shared their personal experiences from the sets of Ramayan in remembrance of the late Ramanand. It was telecasted on March 7th at 9.30 pm on Sony TV just before the nation-wide lockdown during which the epic series Ramayan was again telecasted, once again breaking all records of viewership.


1917 – 1923

Ramanand Sagar Foundation

Ramanand Sagar Foundation (RSF) is a non-profit company registered in Mumbai, India. In a deep desire to take forward the ideals and vision of the film-maker, writer, visionary and humanist – Late Dr. (lit.) Ramanand Sagar, RSF was set up by the heirs of “Papaji” (commonly used name by friends and family). Spear-headed by his fourth son, Mr. Prem Sagar and his family, RSF wishes to take the vision and mission of “Papaji” of a new, vibrant, confident India, that is able to learn from its past leaving out what is not relevant in it, that can become a central figure on the world stage, and based on its ancient culture and its teachings make the world a better place to live in.
Papaji witnessed the death of his first wife and first born son at a tender age of 18. When he was 30 years old, he suffered from tuberculosis, and had a close shave with death. He lost all fear of death after experiencing near-death situations to near and close ones. He developed “Sakshi Bhav” or “witness consciousness”, at an early age. This was the main philosophy of his life. To be in a constant state of meditation all the time. To be watching everything but objectively and with complete awareness. To be objective and subjective at the same time. Forever seeped in consciousness. RSF is involved in various communities activities in a tribal village called Hatnoli (8 kms from Karjat) in the Raigad District, situated in between Mumbai and Pune. They also have a research wing, where scholarships are given for research on topics of occult and mystical sciences. Woman empowerment to the local adi-vasi villagers and training them to become self-reliant by learning an occupation. Health camps are conducted free of cost from time to time. Also there are plans to build a Ram Temple and a museum on the late Ramanand Sagar here with his books, artifacts and memories, for visitors to come and experience his great life.

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