After the passing of King Chandrabhan of Kailash Nagar, the General, Veer Singh, crowns Prince Dhivendra Pratap Bahadur Chandrabhan as the next King. Veer's wife, who has brought up Dhivendra like her own son, Surinder, would like Dhivendra to marry Princess Chandramukhi of Rajgarh. The King of Rajgarh is pleased to hear this and asks his daughter to set forth to Kailash Nagar. On the way there, she is abducted by her own General and held captive until she consents to marry him. Dhivendra rescues her and they both fall in love, but get captured by the General's men. Dhivendra is gravely injured, but manages to escape and is looked after by Rajgarh's royal dancer, Rajlaxmi, who also falls in love with him. After Dhivendra recuperates, he finds out that Chandramukhi is being held against her will at the General's castle. He sets forth to her free, but gets captured in the process. Held in chains, he is blinded by a vengeful Rajlaxmi, and Chandramukhi is given an ultimatum - either wed the General or witness the execution of Dhivendra.
Release Year :1960


Directed By
S. U. Sunny
Produced By
Dr V. N. Sinha
Story, screenplay By
Ramanand Sagar
Edited By
Moosa Mansoor


Beena Benarjerr
Dilip Kumar
Leela Chitnis
Meena Kumari
Nazir Kashmiri
Tun Tun


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