Sagar World has always set the standards and pioneered the art of Marketing whether it was the revolution that was bought about by the Ramayan series on Doordarshan or the innovative marketing and PR strategies used in the all the various hit movies that Sagar Arts produced.
When late Dr. Ramanand Sagar wished to make the Ramayan series, it was an unsurmountable task that had never been done before. The genre was practically non-existent. Everyone from the industry told him that it was suicidal but he believed in his conviction, and knew the pulse of the audience very well.
India is the epitome of cultural diversity and nothing like it exists anywhere in the world, and when marketing strategies are built around the psyche of the people by respecting their cultural values and ethos, you have a hit!
Most of the “marketing gurus” in India are far too influenced by Western thoughts and culture leaving them with no connect with the Indian masses – their primary target group.
At Sagar World, we specialize in thinking out of the box, keeping the cultural ethos and values of the Indian people and “Bharat” at our core, and that has been the great success story that is Sagar!


A pioneer for marketing “Ramayan” at a time when Indian content was unknown to the world.
An interesting anecdote is the fact that Prem Sagar Ji was never into marketing since he realized that it was a world in itself which required understanding the demography and psychography of an audience which was as varied as the languages in India. But one tete a tete with Papaji (Dr. Ramanand Sagar) where he was asked to leave his passion, Photography and take up marketing for Ramayan was all that was required. Not one to say no to Papaji, Prem Sagar Ji dived into the world of marketing and after having mate Shunu Sen, the legendary marketing guru and post getting inspired, left his indelible mark in this demanding industry so much so that marketing was the biggest feather in his hat after photography if not bigger.
Starting off with Ramayan, Prem Sagar Ji took complete charge of marketing the free commercial time in the telecast hour of Ramayan which was a non-prime hour on Sunday at 9 AM.
Rare footage of public reaction during and after the telecast of epic serial Ramayan on Doordarshan
A passionate photographer and cameraman had changed tracks and set a record in software marketing with nothing but a will to achieve the impossible. Owing to his innovative marketing strategies, Doordarshan raked in Rs. 1,30,00,00,000 (Rs. 130 crores) just as telecast fees which roughly equates to 15,56,50,12,500 today, no simple feat. Prem Sagar Ji’s farsighted vision enabled the marketing of Ramayan in 55 countries making it the world’s most viewed television serial. The trend of merchandising and franchising was also set by Prem Sagar Ji which started with his successful experimentation with the merch of “Vikram Aur Betaal”. He was also responsible for the Sagar family’s successful production and marketing on VCD and DVD formats at a time when India was slowly turning leaf towards digital consumption and achieving mind boggling sales due to innovative marketing.
A noteworthy and unique marketing strategy was the exhibition of Ramayan and everything “Sagar” would be up for exhibition for a year in 70 districts of Uttar Pradesh through various mediums like Cable Networks, Video Projections etc with many charitable trusts pitching in who wanted to fulfil their moral obligation towards their Dharma. Sagar Arts understood that people yearn for fantasy along with mythology and hence conceptualized a one hour run for every show with the first half focusing on “Ramayan” and the second half on “Vikram aur Betal” and then “Alif Laila” with the combination bringing variety and audience from all religions, social stratum, caste and creed.
SAGAR ARTS has had a monopoly in the costume drama market in India for almost 35 years considering the fact that we have our own in-house studios, our in-house creative talent thanks to our talent acquisition team who are always on the lookout for new faces and launching new faces who have, till now, done justice to all roles a few examples being Swapnil Joshi in Shri Krishna, Gurmeet and Debina – Ramayan (2008), Piyali Munshi (Jai Jag Janani Maa Durga on Colors), Tarun Khanna (Vikram aur betaal on Colors), Rahil Azam – Hatim (2005), Vikrant Massey (Dharam-Veer), Anas Rashid (Prithvi Raj Chauhan) and Rajat Tokas (Prithvi Raj Chauhan). To top it all off, “Sagar Arts” worked like a family having a conducive family like atmosphere which makes sure people are retained – a tradition still followed without exception at “Sagar World” along with focus on content which has soul and bhakti.
Future Plans
Sagar World is keen to take the “Sagar” brand name to new heights and thereby help you to carve out a niche for yourself with our proven track record when you come onboard with us. We plan on expanding online starting with our much requested shop to showcase our legacy and brand helping us resonate with the current generation. An idea of a theme park based on our history along with a “Ramayan Museum” at Ayodhya is under development, which, with the blessings of Shri Ram should see fruition very soon. Our social media presence is also noteworthy, with our account having over 20 million impressions, we are one of the biggest dharmic handles out there.
We are sure that with our keen and holistic marketing capability, we will be able to offer you something that any brand could only dream of. Let us help you reach the pinnacle, shall we?
Now, how can we help you with all our experience? Well, here’s how.
The desire to recognize who the audience is the most critical aspect of independent film marketing. What are their passions, where do they get their stuff, and will they be enthusiastic about your film? We can help you identify and communicate with a core audience.
“How can we help, please explain in detail”, you ask? A publicity campaign for a film will begin during the pre-production stage. A successful film marketing campaign ensures a strong start. Following that, it will be critics and word-of-mouth that will keep you afloat. Concentrating on film ads will attract a following that will sustain our efforts. Everyone knows, in India, word of mouth is king. Audiences review seven references before deciding which film to screen. Because the number of people who will follow our handles on social media is public, it will have a big impact on how broadcasters, distribution executives, and producers feel about the film and how much it’s worth.
Building an Audience
Knowing the target audience is the most important aspect of a film, and we must advertise to them from day one of pre-production or even since the time of ideation if possible. Connecting with the people who would take the time and effort to watch the film is what film promotion is all about.
Movie Promotion
The distribution of the movie and the spread of its message depend on your media marketing. To propel the trailer to the top of YouTube results, identify the keywords connected to the most popular video and build on them.
Mahima Mata Vaishno Devi Trailer
Making of Arasuri Maa Ambe | India's 1st Mythological 3D Movie
Lateral and Vertical Integration
The term "vertical integration" refers to a media firm's subsidiaries producing, promoting, retailing, and distributing movies and associated items. Horizontal integration occurs when a behemoth works with smaller, independent companies to support advertising, sales, or even video exhibits.
Some films have had a profound effect on their audience not because they were exceptional or unlike anything they had previously seen, but rather because of the marketing they received. Of course, the movie's plot and other elements like acting, directing, etc. are crucial. However, there is something about these movies' marketing tactics that has inspired many people in the advertising and marketing industries. When we watch older television programmes and films like Ramayan, Alif Laila, or Geet, we seldom ever think about how they might have been promoted. Picture marketers are given very little credit for their laborious work, which is surprising given how much it contributes to the success of the film.
The right movie marketing = a hit series/film
Without exposure, no movie will find success on the box office; a movie can't make money if no one knows about it. The increased chance of spending more money on advertisements is countered by the amount of money that films with effective marketing will bring in. If a movie isn't well-marketed, its earnings will fall. In order to pique people's interest, the marketing plan must make sure it obtains the publicity and positive feedback it needs.
In essence, a movie/serial’s marketing will either make or break it, and a great serial/movie needs a great marketing plan and a greater marketing team – yours truly.

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