Shankar (Dilip Kumar) and Kamla (Madhubala) are childhood sweethearts who are unfortunately separated at a young age. They meet years later and rekindle their romance, but Shankar has a lot of dark secrets.
When they are about to be married, a man shows up and confronts Shankar about his "wife", and asks him how he can marry again and cheat his first "wife".
Release Year :1952


Directed By
R. C. Talwar
Produced By
R. C. Talwar
Written By
Ramanand Sagar
Screenplay By
Ramanand Sagar
Story By
Ramanand Sagar
Cinematography By
Prakash Malhotra
Edited By
Music By
Sajjad Hussain
Production company
Talwar Films Ltd.


Anwar Hussain
Dara Singh
Dilip Kumar
Kuldip Kaur
Leela Chitnis
Pratima Devi


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